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Tianyi Cemetery, Tibetan food and Sanlitun. Friday 19/6/09

Today I met up with Vik and Rosie at the Subway and went all the way to the end of line one the very west of Beijing city. We’d read about a cemetery of some eunuchs with tombs you could go inside. Also near there was some sort of temple we were going to take up our morning with but of it had been undergoing construction for over a year so was ‘temporarily’ closed…IMG_6178.jpg
The taxi driver took us down tiny village like streets where we felt miles away from China’s capital and into the deserted cemetery. We bought our $1.20 tickets and walked through. Just when we were in the middle of trying to spook each other out two enormous German shepherds must have heard us and started going berserk. After jumping out of my skin we saw they were in cages though one was still tall enough to look over the edge of the cage and bark death threats at us.IMG_6181.jpgIMG_6183.jpg
We got to the back of the tiny place and saw a few cement casket things which we assumed to have bodies in them but couldn’t be sure as we tried to lift the lids to no avail… Joking as we looked around that we wished there was a secret door to the actual tomb because we hadn’t found one yet we realised we were practically standing on it! A huge rusty metal sheet on the ground that we’d walked over was actually a huge lid that slid back to reveal pitch black stairs leading into who knew what. Armed with our mobile phone lights we ventured down but while Rosie and I were trying to convince Vikki (who didn’t want to leave the door unattended and risk being locked in) to come down with us we found a light switch that lit up the way to reveal two freezing, one with the robbed grave in it and a few other bits of engraved rock that obviously carried some meaning back in the day…IMG_6184.jpgIMG_6186.jpgIMG_6187.jpgIMG_6196.jpgIMG_6197.jpg
Now we knew what we were looking for, we saw another sliding lid on the way out but it was locked with a sign that said somebody’s body had been relocated to this tomb so there was actually a eunuch still down there!
After asking directions three times and getting 3 different pointing fingers we found the closed temple and made our way back to the train station. IMG_6200.jpg
Sifting through recommended restaurants in our Beijing book we opted for Tibetan which did not look at all inviting from the roadside having to clamber up a brick ledge to actually get to the door but the set out was beautiful and the food was yum too.]IMG_6201.jpg
Went back to Vikki’s and planned a few more final touches on our trip then relaxed before heading out to Sanlitun for dinner.
We planned to get to Blue Frog at Sanlitun before 8 O’clock for their happy hour and yummy frozen drinks but the bus was taking soooo long in traffic we thought we were going to miss it. Jumping off the bus we absolutely flew through flocks of fancy shmancy embassy people and rich Asians trying to find the escalators to the place. Finally raced up the stairs and rushed to the first worker we said asking puffed out of our unfit brains if it was still on. He pondered for far too long before looking at his phone and said it was 8:00 now. I pulled out my phone and it was 7:59!! We showed him but he claimed the machines already said 8 and couldn’t be changed…so disappointed we walked around for a while looking for somewhere better but unfortunately had to eat some humble pie and head back there because they are delicious and have awesome chocolate brownies and it’s a beautiful outside area.
Afterwards we walked down to the center and watched a huge suare of fountains that kids were running through (with raincoats on which we couldn’t really work out why as the water shot up…) but it was nice to look at all the different patterns and fun to try to run through when it was small. We watched a mother think it was hilarious to give her pram a huge push to try and get it to the other side between two huge walls of water. Hahaha we didn’t find it too funny until the pram went off course and rolled diagonally through all the shots of water!!!IMG_6204.jpgIMG_6206.jpgIMG_6210.jpg

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