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Taoist Temple and Belly Dancing. Saturday 20/6/09

The girls slept at mine and we had a lazy morning before heading off to find a Taoist Temple near Chaoyangmen station. IMG_6213.jpgIMG_6215.jpgIt was an absolute stinker of a day and we ended up walking about 3k’s before we actually found it but it was a great temple. It had in it the 76 departments of hell or whatever they are and each was set up like a room with the Leader and examples of people who were sent to that department (we think anyway)…IMG_6219.jpg
Some of the descriptions were hilarious for example the Egg Birth Department was captioned: “This department has the function to place those souls that did more evil deeds then good deeds into a lower rank which is an egg birth rank. It aims to warn people that should they fail to accomplish good deeds they would become low class flying birds in their next birth so that they will have to go on pecking at food to maintain their life.” I think that’d make anyone want to do good deeds haha…
The unjust death and strange illnesses had some pretty funny looking models…IMG_6220.jpg
There was also a Mr. Burns look a like with mong hands and one about the death of animals with a whole lot of knives!IMG_6234.jpgIMG_6236.jpgIMG_6242.jpgIMG_6243.jpgIMG_6245.jpg
We had lunch at subway which isn’t great at the best of times and had no where near the same amount of choices but it was OK.
Rosie went home and Vik came back to mine for an easy afternoon out of the heat before getting ready to go out again. We decided to try some Muslim food but ended up walking into the wrong place so decided just to stick with it. The menu’s can be pretty funny here like this one saying “the Pepsi of cola can” haha and “the canister of sorit can” (we think that could have been sprite??)IMG_6247.jpgIMG_6252.jpg
It happened to be in our Beijing book and said that there was Belly dancing so we got a table inside and waited for the action to start. The food was pretty nice and very cheap and a lady came out to introduce a dancer….it started off pretty average to the non-educated in the ways of dancing… got a lot better. A few people sung some interval songs and the belly dancers coaxed a few men up who looked very awkward trying to dance. Then just as we were leaving a dancer came out with a huge snake! We thought it was pretty cool until we started to feel sorry for the poor snake that was being thrown around and its neck basically squeezed off so its head couldn’t turn but the males in the audience seemed to love it.IMG_6255.jpgIMG_6262.jpgIMG_6264.jpg
We left to find a club we’d read about but the taxi driver just couldn’t find it and we got sick of watching the meter go up. We jumped out and asked for directions a few times and walked about 2k’s before we found a little shop called Jenny Lou’s. It’s amazing and I wish I’d known about it the first day I arrived! It’s full of imported western food and lollies and chocolate but the prices are astronomical for china so we couldn’t go to crazy. When we walked out we realised Suzie Wong’s the club we were looking for was right next door and we’d driven past it already! Our excitement plummeted to zero when we saw the “no thongs” sign….as all 3 of us were in thongs. Deciding to call it a night Rosie got a bus home and Vik and I walked around till we found a 758 bus that took us to my house.
Vik left pretty early Sunday morning to meet up with Rosie at the markets and I had a relaxed day doing some last minute planning for next week before heading out to meet up with Steve Cox and Kuyiu for the last Sunday before I leave. Jerry and his girlfriend were there to and we all had a good chat. Afterwards Steve Kuyiu and I went out for jowzar dinner, then Steve walked me to the Bus station and we said our last goodbyes.

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