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Crab Island…And More Train Tickets.

Sunday Morning we cross stitched until about 10:30 because Vik’s little girl Sunny had classes in the morning. Then we piled in the car and drove to Crab Island which is a fake beach near their house. Out the front was a camel with floppy humps, a donkey, and a huge spotty dog all harnessed up to take people for rides in carriages haha I though the first two were funny but I’ve never seen a dog with a carriage! IMG_6376.jpgIt’s really just a huge wave pool with not very good waves surrounded by a half circle of wet dirty sand, but it was a boiling day so awesome to be able to finally swim. Vik saw a little girl from one of her baby classes there so we played with her for a little while then Sunny Rosie and Vik went to get lunch and I floated on the tube for about half an hour which resulted in a very sunburned back but it was so nice at the time…Sunny had more classes at 2pm so we left soon after lunch. After doing a bit of planning for our trip we needed to buy the next train ticket that night for Chengdu to Kunming. Thinking we were going to have to go all the way to the main station again we were relieved when Cindy the Chinese 24 year old living with Vik went to the local office and said we can go there at 7 when they open to get the tickets, so after a yummy Jowzi dinner from Grandma we made our way down there and got them no problems!
When I got home that night Doris was very relieved to see me as now whenever I’m not there she keeps asking Jessica if I have left already because she’s seen me with my backpack around the house! I have a funny story but I can’t remember if I’ve already written it earlier…The maid and I share a bathroom and I leave my makeup bag open on the bench. I walked in one day to find her cleaning her ears out with one of my bobby pins for my hair in front of the mirror….I just went about my business ignoring it thinking she would be embarrassed to have been caught but after she’d had a good old dig she rinsed it under the tap and placed it neatly back in with all the other bobby pins!!! Haha Probably a month or so after that I walked home for my lunch break at the kinder and she was sitting in the lounge room holding a huge gross chunk of hot meat which turned out to be pork and it still had a huge thick skin on it which she was holding over the bin plucking the hairs out with tweezers!!!! I laughed at her and thought it was disgusting making a mental note to avoid the pork in that night’s dinner and walked upstairs only to discover that my tweezers from the bathroom were missing!!!!! Ewwww Hahaha luckily I brought 2 pairs…and the latest thing that’s happened is I was on the computer one night and saw a red razor on the desk that looked like mine…stupidly I didn’t take it but sure enough when I had a shower that night it was missing…that’s more gross then funny but still what could I do. Anyway it happened to be a hot night and Jessica was wearing only a singlet top at dinner, she happened to lift her arms up and……no hair!!! So I guess I know what happened to it. Again brushing it off as a very strange and impolite culture I didn’t say anything and took it as a compliment that someone in this country has finally realised the joys of smooth armpits! But after a few days my leg hairs were getting a bit out of control so with no other option as gross as it was I went looking for my razor because it was taken and just not returned. I couldn’t find it in the office but at the time Jessica had just left for Shanghai so frustrated and ready to get out of this country I went and bought myself a nice new one that gets kept safely in my room and I haven’t seen it again to this day!

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