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Dinner with a Dentist, a Man with a Pig, and Gary the Aussie

A few months ago I met a man walking home form the kinder riding his bike. Franz is from Holland he has a Chinese wife, old and he doesn’t work. I’d seen him before walking his pet pig…he owns a huge pot bellied pig that he keeps on the balcony of his apartment and walks it around the neighbourhood. I personally think after getting to know him he’s a bit of an attention seeker because honestly…who wants a pig. Anyway while I was chatting to him a Chinese guy came up which he introduced as Joseph who turned out to be the local dentist that I walk past everyday and he’d seen me stacks before. We got talking and they said I should play pool with them sometime. I basically brushed it off and didn’t see them again. But on Monday he’d obviously come to the school over the weekend because I got his number off two different teachers and another 2 told me he’d asked for me! I haven’t had a phone for a few weeks after loosing it so when I got home I called him thinking it won’t happen because I leave on Friday. But he said he’d call me back after he’d rung Joseph and another aussie guy that he’d met a few weeks back and let me know, and about 10 minutes later he rang back saying to meet him at 8 at the dentists and we’d all go and have dinner then play a few games of pool. Franz and I walked down to the markets where there was a little street food place and we sat down and I ordered some meat sticks and beer because he didn’t know any Chinese even though he was married to one and lived here for a few years claiming to be too stubborn and didn’t like the language…I don’t really know what we chatted about, mainly complaining about China then Gary this other old guy turned up who lived in Sydney but he lost a lot of money is business there so had been coming to China for a few years and now lived here importing stuff to Australia and seemed to be doing a lot better. With the two men and a beer each conversation went from Tibet to Kuwait, to missiles, to being a tiny speck of dust on something much bigger, eventually to Michael Jackson’s death and then they got stuck on conspiracies such as weather Jimmy Hendrix was murdered and something called HAARP in the US that sent energy up that caused the Tsunami but it was all being covered up and called a natural disaster haha this is what happens when old men don’t work and spend every spare minute google-ing on the web! By this time Joseph had arrived from drilling someone’s teeth and he and I were laughing at the stupid theories the other two were coming up with. IMG_6379.jpgIMG_6380.jpgAfter dinner he had to go back to another patient who was waiting for him (at 10pm!!! they work so much!) so Gary, Franz and I went next door to the pool hall which was pretty big and pretty full of people even on a week night. This next part no one will want to hear but I have to write it down so I can laugh about it in 20 years. I was absolutely busting to go to the toilet and was pointed right up the back of the pool hall where I could see a tiny light. It was a sink with a girls and boys door either side. I tried the girls and it was locked. I walked into the boys which was just one room but all it had was a single urinal and no toilet paper. I waited for a while about to wet my pants and knocked loudly on the girls. After a while I realised it was locked with no one in there and the lights were off when I looked under a tiny crack in the door. With so other option whatsoever I grabbed some paper towel from the sink and went into the boys room which I had to move a dirty mop and bucket to even be able to close the door, and was very thankful when I found it locked. The rest doesn’t need too much detail but luckily 6 months of having to use squat toilets had given me enough practice to be able to use a (very high) urinal backwards! Haha something I hope never to have to do again.
After that ordeal I met the guys who had booked a table and I played a game with the aussie first…IMG_6382.jpgI actually wasn’t that bad but apparently had no ‘technique’ and did give him a lot of free balls by not even hitting mine! Then the two guys played and they actually were pretty good but not as good as I expected seeing they play almost every week supposedly. Then I played a game with Franz and we both got down to just the black ball!! But he sunk it first. Seeing I lost my phone I haven’t had an alarm to wake me up so I was a bit worried about sleeping in for kinder the next day. I said goodbye after that game and they kept playing for who knows how long but I walked home and flopped into bed about 11:30 (and woke up 10 minutes before I’m usually out the door so got ready in record pace!)

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